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Beyond Atlantis

...an RPS RPG...

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Beyond Atlantis is a Stargate:Atlantis real person slash role playing game set in present times. (Het pairings welcomed but main focus are slash pairings, ie m/m & f/f.)

If you wish to follow the game, please add the individual game journals to your friends list. This community is for out of character discussion between players (ie offical business) only.

If you wish to join the game as a player, please email the community moderator with the following info: who are you, link(s) to RPG(s) you've been/are part of, name of character you'd like to play, a sample entry that shows how you would play him/her. We'll get back to you asap.

Taken Characters
David Hewlett (dworth)
Joe Flanigan (_exanimo)